Weather In Alhama de Granada

Although only an hour from the coast Alhama sits at around 900m above sea level and so has the benefit of fresh mountain air and none of the humidity levels suffered on the coast.


The four seasons are clearly defined with hot summers and crisp winters. Interestingly, the median temperature for the year is quite low, at 13 degrees Celsius. This is because temperatures go up to the mid-30s in the summer but winter nights can go just below freezing which make them perfect for getting cosy in front of the fire.

La Maroma

Winter starts around December and brings temperatures dropping to around freezing at night with wonderful displays of the planets and stars. The daytime sky is often clear and the warm sunshine brings temperatures in the day time up to a pleasant level where it is possible to lunch outside in comfort. La Maroma, the nearest high peak at around 2000m, is often covered in snow from Dec/Jan onwards and is easily reached from Alhama. A short drive out of town takes you to the Alhama Valley where you can walk and enjoy views of snow covered peaks, including the Sierra Nevada, all around you. A great local tradition which you can enjoy is placing 'braziers' (trays of burning embers) under the table and a favourite local bar, La Ochoa, does this every evening.

Alhama In Snow

Of course it rains (and snows) in Alhama so there can be no guarantee of a week of uninterrupted sunshine - there never is with the weather - but it is quite dependably dry and pleasant.


Spring brings one of the loveliest seasons to the area. Bright blue skies, wild flowers, almond blossom and crops of barley dazzle the senses and taking a picnic out for the day is a particular treat. This is southern Spain at it's best; doors are thrown open once again, people congregate in the streets to catch up on the gossip and bars and restaurants set up their tables and chairs on the streets and squares. Spanish people love to socialise al-fresco and the squares are buzzing every evening from now til September.


Spring Gorse

In June temperatures start to climb and by the beginning of July can reach the mid-30s by mid-afternoon. For sun worshippers this is heaven and perfectly counter-balanced by a cool mountain breeze in the evenings and night times which makes it very comfortable for evening strolls around town choosing a bar to dine in al-fresco. In the night, temperatures drop to around the mid-20s making it very easy to sleep comfortably and wake in the morning completely refreshed. Locally, the tradition is to take full advantage of this and the benches in the squares are usually full of, often elderly, men and women relaxing and chatting into the small hours of the morning. The land is very fertile and, in rural Spain, many people have a little 'cortigo' in the country where they grow crops for the pot back in town. When exploring the area you often come across little market gardens stuffed full of maize, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, flowers for the table and grapes for the 'vino de terrano', local wine.

Walk In Valenzeula

Pretty much on exactly the 1st of September temperatures start to come down slowly and by around the end of October the autumn colours are in their full glory.  Poplars, eucalyptus, figs, beeches, fruit trees and many others display a delightful variety of colours and this can go on til the end of December or even longer.  This is a wonderful time to be out and about as the air is fresh and the sun warm.

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