Around Alhama

Rolling hills near Alhama de Granada brown

There is lots to enjoy in the local countryside. Alhama is located in an area known as El Poniente Granadino which is the very heart of Andalucia. Everywhere you look the view stretches as far as the eye can see and takes in gentle hills, green valleys and craggy moonscape mountain peaks. The Natural Park of the Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama offer secluded picnic areas, usually next to a river or lake, and lovely walks. For hiking, the peak of La Maroma is at 2,080m and offers year round snow in chasms at the summit and wonderful views of the area.

lake Bermejalis 15 minutes from Alhama de Granada

Beautiful Lake Bermejales is dramatically set against a backdrop of jagged mountain peaks. Much of the lake is surrounded by sandy beach and pine trees offering restful shade. You can picnic at the weekends with local Spanish families or find a deserted spot of your own. It’s a great spot for fishing, canoeing (canoes and pedaloes available for hire), swimming, walking and relaxing and the small settlement next to the lake has a handful of pleasant bars with shaded courtyards offering local wine and cuisine.

La Presa on the motor 5 mins from Alhama de Granada

La Presa

From Alhama it is possible to walk through the gorge to La Presa, a little lake beautifully situated which offers great fishing, walking routes in the Natural Park and two hides for bird watching. The 45 minute walk to the lake is spectacular with breathtaking views of the huge limestone escarpments of Los Tajos

old house on the walk from Alhama de Granada to La Presa

and you can find delightful swimming holes in the Rio Alhama along the route. Next to the lake you can lunch at El Ventorro which offers delicious local cuisine or at Pato Loco which has a swimming pool.

Swimming pool at Pata Loco 5 minutes from Alhama de Granada

With its lovely warm and bright days springtime in Southern Andalucia is wonderful for walking and cycling and famous for it’s fantastic display of wildflowers including poppies, gladiolas, irises, lavender, thyme, thistles and orchids. The smell of springtime almond blossom is delightful. oak treeSouthern Andalucia is also home to a host of migratory birds making their journey from Africa to northern Europe and back again and it's possible to spot eagles and many other raptors as well as swifts, swallows, woodpeckers, kingfishers, owls and many more. Late summer and autumn are lovely times to be out and about in the local countryside and there's a great display of autumn colours as the seasons change. Winter days can be crisp but are often warm with bright blue skies and still delightful for exploring the area.

Poppies with Tejada, Almijara y Alhama in background